Welcome to Our New Students and their Families for the 2014/2015 school year!

DMHS will be accepting Choice Applications for students entering 7th grade  in 2014/15
and DEFERRED 7th grade applications* for the 2015/2016 school year 

  Taylor WateringMax and Knight art class

*Fifth grade students at DPS Montessori schools (Denison, Academia Ana Marie Sandoval, and Lincoln) have a new choice option this year! Students can now select DMHS for deferred acceptance to attend in 7th grade.    This means that students who are matched with DMHS for 7th grade can stay at their DPS Montessori Elementary School for 6th grade knowing that they have their 7th grade spot waiting for them at DMHS.


  •  Denver Montessori Junior Senior High School (DMHS) combines the best of Montessori practices with current research on the development of the adolescent brain.
  • Educators at DMHS promote high academic achievement for each student while also supporting them socially and emotionally. 
  • The junior high uses an integrated approach to humanities as well as daily experience working on an urban farm.
  •  The high school is a rigorous college preparatory curriculum within a Montessori schedule and environment.
  • Spanish and ELA are integrated throughout the entire program to foster second language fluency. 
  • Lessons are delivered in small groups and the students are encouraged to deepen learning by exploring individual interests.