College and Career Readiness

Seniors: Please note that the Colorado free application days to Colorado Colleges and Universities are October 17th -19th of 2023.


Username: 6 digit Student ID

Password: 8 digit birthdate

Click “My ICAP” and complete Current Plan as well as any Historical Plans

Many students are eligible for up to $6,000 in Federal Pell Grant money! In order to apply, you will need Social Security #’s (both parent/guardian and student), 2022 Parent/Guardian Tax/Income Information (W2’s or 1040’s), Birthdates (for parents/guardians and student), identification, other income.

Apply for FAFSA!

DACA status, apply for CASFA

Available Scholarships:

Denver Scholarship Foundation (DSF) , Scholarships for High School Seniors , Scholarships for Women , Scholarships for Black Students , Scholarships for Minorities , Scholarships for Hispanic Students