Mission, Vision and Purpose

We are a small secondary (6th-12th grade) school located in the northwest region of Denver.  Our program model is a unique collaboration between what we consider to be two of the most powerful, yet misunderstood approaches to education: Gifted and Talented (GT) and Montessori instruction.

We center our teaching and learning around our Talent Development model which we’ve developed to provide universal gifted and talented instructional methods in order to find and build on our students unique talents across a wide range of disciplines.  

Our learning environment is centered around Maria Montessori ground-breaking research on human development.  We are different from the more traditional Montessori methods at the elementary school level in that we focus on the second plane of human development of Adolescents.  We have an intentional focus on meeting the needs of early adolescents (6th-8th grade) development of their social self.  While the stage of late adolescence (9th-12th grade) is focused on helping our students develop sense of agency while they prepare to enter adulthood and the real world of college or career after graduation.