What makes our Junior High Farm School Unique?

Denver Montessori Junior High (DMHS) is a DPS public Montessori school that is specially designed to meet the needs and characteristics of younger adolescents during this crucial stage of adolescent brain development.   Through the use of a carefully prepared environment and Montessori adolescent trained teachers, we guide our students to become adaptable, independent, ingenious and creative emerging adults with excellent communication and problem solving skills.


Unique DMHS Components:

  • Advisement that supports student social, emotional and academic progress
  • Respectful, trusting relationships with adults
  • Focus on building healthy community
  • Social and problems solving skill development
  • Scaffold-ed steps towards increased Independence
  • Leadership and management opportunities
  • Emphasis on second language acquisition
  • Community service
  •  Ultimate Frisbee team
  • Creative and Physical Expression classes
  • Regional overnight trips


Holistic Education Montessori JHS Student Characteristics:

  • Develops self-awareness and a personal vision
  • Desires meaningful work
  • Is an active and positive community member
  • Is highly creative and expressive
  • Often demonstrates kindness, respect and inclusion towards peers