DMHS Statement in Support of Black Lives

Posted 06/05/2020

“A great social mission that will ensure the child justice, harmony, and love remains to be accomplished. And this great task must be the work of education, for this is the only way to build a new world and to bring peace.” — Dr. Maria Montessori, Education and Peace

Dear Revered DMHS Community:

As you know, along with the ongoing pandemic, we are also currently experiencing a global uprising in defense of Black lives. We wanted to share the DPS Statement on the Death of George Floyd. At the same time we condemn the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade and all the other Black lives lost to police and societal violence.

As Montessori educators, we are explicitly committed to peace education, and we know that no peace can exist without true justice. We stand in solidarity with Black families now and always. And we know the United States and our education system have a racism problem. We know the United States and our education system have a police brutality and discipline problem. The United States was founded on the oppression of and deep systemic violence towards Black people, Indigenous people, and people of color. We know that the liberation of all people is bound together. And, we know we at DMHS, in DPS, in the Montessori movement and beyond have deep work to do to fully embrace our commitment to Black liberation. Montessori education is a path to liberation and we will continue to work to make our curriculum, our school and our community anti racist. We hope you will join us wholeheartedly in this struggle.

To our Black students, staff, families, and community: We see you and we love you. We recognize that this is a deeply tragic and traumatic moment and we affirm the rage over the loss of Black lives. Through our school’s vision and community, we commit to the fight for Black liberation. 

To our non-black students, staff, families, and communities: we must not stay silent. We must listen to and educate ourselves and our children. We must stand up for justice, safety, and Black humanity both in and out of school. Black lives matter.

If you would like some ideas about starting a conversation about race with your family, we recommend the Embrace Race website, which offers resources in both English and Spanish. For more discussion on this topic from Montessori Educators, please read this blog post by Embracing Equity

If you are feeling overwhelmed and you want more emotional support, please check out the resources on the new DMHS School Psychologist Newsletter.

We are sending deep love in this moment,

DMHS Staff