Resources for Families

Resources for families 

DPS Food Distribution – free meals at select DPS Schools

Covid-19 Resource Guide for the Denver Community

Internet essentials – 2 months free internet

Family resources for learning at home

Lesson Notes, Practice, Videos to support Math learning at home


5 concrete ways to reduce stress with children at home -ASSET At-Home Tookit

Distress Tolerance – Tools for Emotion Regulation

More Resources :

Food Banks

 Shelter and Meals for Homeless

Rent Assistance



Please contact the DPS Family and Community Engagement (FACE) helpline at 720-423-3054 for general resources (including food, mental health, social services etc.) or for other referral questions. This helpline will be available during normal business hours.

There is also a COVID-19 helpline available 24/7 and that number is 720-424-4357