HS Trip to Puerto Rico Information-Down Payment – Due Thursday August 30

Posted 08/29/2018
From Rachel Balkcom, High School Director:  As I have said before, I have never been part of a school community so committed to raising money as a community to give our students these remarkable opportunities. Thank you all for creating this place.

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Trip website
To make your first deposit of $100, due on August 30th, as well as to see all trip details we currently know, please go here: https://www.discoverpuertoricotours.net/dmjshsmar2019
Toward the top of the page on the left, click “Join this trip” and you will be led to a form, where you can also make your online deposit.
Fundraising Contract
Pasted below is a contract Bruno created requesting a firm commitment that parents/guardians and students will contribute as equally as possible to the community fundraising efforts to help ensure all students who want to go to Puerto Rico can go. Please sign and return this form to Rachel or Bruno as soon as you are able.
Fundraising emails
If you are not receiving emails from Cassandra Rocha about Aramark and other fundraising activities, please email her at cassidyrocha@msn.com to let her know.
Fundraising Commitment from DMHS Education Foundation
After last week’s meeting, I committed to conferring with the school and Foundation members and letting you know how much they can commit to pay by December 4th, which is the trip payment deadline.
Using their most conservative estimate of fund raising, the Foundation calculated that as a community we can cover 1/6th, rather than 1/3rd, of the cost of the trip. 1/6th is $390 per student, meaning the family will need to contribute $2,057 between parent and student.

Calculations are as follows:

$10,000 — Aramark
$  4,000 — Silent Auction
$  1,000 — King Soopers
$  1,000 — Misc (chili cookoff, Westerra, etc)

$16,000 — TOTAL


$2,447 x 40 = $97,880

16,000 is 16% of 97,880

Certainly, we hope and plan to raise more than that, and the fundraising so many of you have already begun will help in that endeavor.

Reminder: Please register online and pay $100 to hold your place by this Thursdayhttps://www.discoverpuertoricotours.net/dmjshsmar2019

Many thanks,


With a final payment due date of December 4th, the group this evening asked whether the school will be able to cover any money we have not yet raised as a community by that time. I will find out the answer to that question and let you all know by early next week. DMHS Foundation representatives emphasized that any money the community does not raise will ultimately be the responsibility of families.
Please let me know questions, concerns, or points of emphasis from the meeting I failed to include in this email. I will get back to you with the answer to the last question above as soon as I am able.
With much gratitude,


Puerto Rico Agreement

Puerto Rico Trip Contract

Hello students and parents,

The DMHS high school will be going on a trip to Puerto Rico in March, 2019. We plan to take part in fun activities, learn about history and culture, and connect with one another. However, to make this trip happen, a significant portion of the cost will be needed to be fundraised. To go on this trip each student and their family will need to contribute to the fundraising of the trip. If the student or family does not contribute they will not be allowed to go, as the fundraising needs to be a group effort. If parents/guardians and students are 100% sure that students will be attending the trip, and are committed to the fundraising,  please sign below. By signing this contract you agree to the following:

  • Working 6 Aramark events  ( If you cannot make the 6 games, we will have a meeting to discuss alternatives)

  • Contributing ideas

  • Helping with other future fundraising events

  • 100% committed to going



Student Name

Parent or Guardian Name

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