High School Japan Trip Information

Posted 09/11/2017
The High School is planning a trip to Japan on March 5-March 15, 2017.
If you were unable to make it the meeting  and would like to see the presentation, please click below:
Japan Show Slide 
Although, the official commitment and down payment is not due until Sept 22nd, we need a complete student count as soon as possible.  So, if your student is committed to attending please let Katya_Thronweber@dpsk12.net  know ASAP.
We need volunteers Broncos game starting at 4pm – please sign up on the sign up genius and contact Cassandra Rocha (cassidyrocha@msn.com)
We added a new booth to Broncos Fundraiser – so look at the sign up for more slots

Center plate Fundraiser – http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0d48aaad22a2fb6-dmhs.

King Soopers Gift Cards – Carol has KS gift cards that are re-loadable and benefit the Japan trip every time you buy groceries or gas with them.  Just load money on before you check out.