Farm School Spring Trips 2018!

Posted 04/03/2018

DMHS School Trips – what are trips and why are they such an important part of our program?

When Dr. Montessori originally proposed Montessori education for adolescents, she recommended that we create a boarding program for adolescents to meaningfully practice what it means to be an adult in community. At DMHS, we meet this vision as well as we can through extended day trips that occur twice per year. On our trips, we hope to create the following experiences and opportunities:

Adult like duties: Planning committees, job charts, captains for the day, distributed responsibilities.

Moral Development: Reflection and journaling

Learning to Care for the Community: Preparing and cleaning up from meals, setting up tents together, working through conflicts, having fun together.

Community Bonding: Time away from school that strengthens relationships between students and the adults. Also creating opportunities for tight knit social circles to loosen up and engage with other social circles. Fostering meaningful communication by creating technology free experiences.

Group problem solving and celebration: Morning and evening closing circle that allow the community to plan for the day in the morning and debrief about the day in the evening.

Developing resiliency and adaptability: Going beyond comfort zone into the personal challenge zone. Problem solving as inevitable logistic and other challenges (such as weather) arise.

Nature exploration: Camping and hiking

We are getting excited for our!

This year, our 7th and 8th graders are going to Indian Springs, Colorado National Monument, and the Sand Dunes. Our 9th graders are headed to New Mexico! Spring Trips 2018

7th ad 8th grade dates:  Monday, April 30 – Thursday, May 3

9th grade dates: Monday, May 7 – Friday, May 11

Trip Offset Day-Friday May 4 – NO SCHOOL

Mandatory Parent Trip  Meeting -Wednesday, April 18 at 5:30 pm


7th and 8th grade cost:  $135

9th grade cost: $275 -$50 deposit is due Monday, April 9

Trips are an intregral part of our Montessori Program and these experiences are  essentail to creating a strong and vibrant DMHS community.  We  want all students to attend and need all families to contribute  as the school budget is not able to support the cost of trips.    Please contact to set up a payment plan if necessary.

Trip brochures with itineraries:

Indian Springs Brochure 2018

Sand Dunes Trip Brochure 2018

Colorado National Monument Spring Brochure 2018

New Mexico 9th Grade Trip Itinerary 2018

Permission Forms:

9th Grade Permission Form -English

9th Grade Permission Form – Spanish

9th Grade Earth Ship Waiver

7th and 8th Grade Permission Form-English

7th and 8th Grader Permission Form-Spanish

Forms must be signed and notarized.

Please include a copy of your insurance card or have us make of copy of it at the school.

Medications and Medical Forms:

If your student needs to bring medication on the trip, please make sure to fill out the medication form release form  (please note that this INCLUDES over-the-counter medication, such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, or allergy medication).   If you filled out the medication form anytime during the 2017-18 school year, we still have it on file, and do not need to fill out a new one.   This form (available in English and Spanish) is only for medications your student has started taking since our last trip.

Student Med Treatment Release Agreement – English 17-18

Student Med Treatment Release Agreement_Spanish 17-18

Medications must be turned in to the nurses’ office two weeks before the trips.