DMHS Updates -March 2, 2016

Posted 03/02/2016
Dear DMHS Community,
Presentation of Learning: Tomorrow, Thursday, is our second of three Presentation of Learning events. Nearly all of you were here in November, and this POL we are hoping that every single student has a parent, grandparent or other important adult coming to see them. The students are truly proud of the work they have accomplished this last unit, and tomorrow’s POL is their chance to shine for you.
POL starts at 4:30. Please try not to arrive before 4:30 as students are still setting up. There are some wonderful coffeeshops in the neighborhood if you need a place to hang out before POL starts, plus we have a great park across the street from the school.
As always, we will provide to students a hearty snack after school. Students will be ready to go home about 5:45. If, for any reason, you are not able to come to POL, please make sure your student has transportation home.
Report Cards: 9th year report cards went home two weeks ago, and 7th and 8th grade report cards went home with your students last week. If you did not get a copy and need us to print it again, just let us know. We can have it ready for you tomorrow night at POL.
Family Conferences: Advisors will be connecting with you over the next week to set up a time for Family ( student / advisor / parent or guardian) Conferences. We will be having conferences both before and after spring break.
PARCC: PARCC assessments for Mathematics will be happening before Spring Break. Students will take one test per day on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, March 14,15 and 16. Our goal at DMHS is to focus on the PARCC as preparation for the college entrance exam – SAT – ┬áthat they will be taking in 11th grade. We encourage the students to take their time, try every problem and keep the assessment a positive experience. Reading, writing and science PARCC will happen after spring break.
Spring Break: ┬áJust a reminder that at DMHS, we have two weeks of spring break. We do this so that every teacher, staff person and student can get lots of rest and be completely ready for a vibrant last 10 weeks of school. Spring Break is March 21 – April 1. We have school on Monday, April 4.
I look forward to seeing you tomorrow night. I love our Presentations of Learning! It is such a powerful event that brings our entire DMHS community together in celebration of learning and Montessori education.
Katy Myers