DMHS Updates February 11

Posted 02/22/2016

Dear DMHS Community,

Please find below an advisement update from Hannah. There was so much good information in it that I decided to just forward it on to our entire community.
Two points I want to add:
1. I am 95% done with putting in grades for the 9th grade report cards. I am also verifying a few classes for 8th grade report cards. Our DMHS progress reports are your student’s electronic portfolio. Twice a year, we translate the portfolio to report cards. For 7th and 8th grade students, that is a list of the classes your student took along with a P for passing. For 9th grade, the report card includes the classes that will be part of your student’s transcripts plus actual grades.
This is the first year that we have had grades, so I am making sure everything is accurate in terms of classes taken and grades given. I will definitely have everything complete next week and we will be able to send home report cards next Friday.
2. Please remember NO SCHOOL tomorrow (Friday), Monday and Tuesday. I hope the students get some rest this week-end and I look forward to seeing them on Wednesday. Please check your student’s portfolio to see if there is an work due but not turned in. This long week-end is a wonderful opportunity for your student to get caught up if he or she is behind. All students will have reading to do with their current literature book.
Happy week-end and happy Valentines Day!
Katy Myers

Dear Advisement Families,

Happy February! A few notes and updates on the advisement front:

9th Years to Metro State Writing Center: This morning, the 9th year students are at Metro State receiving lessons and tutoring on their essay writing. Some are also being trained as writing tutors, so that they can bring back their great learning to our community as writing tutors. We are so excited for this partnership with Metro, and it fits so well with the 9th years’ focus on improving their writing skills through the exploration of literature.

Spamalot Dinner Theatre: Mark your calendars for DMHS’ first ever Dinner Theatre event! Students have been working hard to prepare “Spamalot” the musical. The performance (and dinner event) will take place on Friday, February 26. Save the date!

5-Day Weekend: Just a reminder that your students have a 5-day weekend, starting this Friday, February 12. Staff have two professional development days (Friday, 2/12 and Tuesday, 2/16), and Monday is Presidents’ Day! We look forward to seeing your students at school on Wednesday, February 17. Most of them have work they can be doing at home. Please ask them about the following assignments: Khan Academy Exercises, Literature Group, Assignments for their Project Classes. I am sure they will need to do work at home in order to come to school on 2/17 prepared for class!

Presentation of Learning: We are looking forward to our second Presentation of Learning open to our community on Thursday, March 3rd from 4:30 – 5:30pm. Please plan on coming, as you will have the opportunity to see the great work your students have been doing throughout this project.

PARCC Test Prep: We have begun a daily practice in advisement of collaboratively doing a math problem in preparation for the PARCC test, which will take place in mid-March. 

Farm Duty: We have begun a daily rotation of students on Farm Duty. Each morning and afternoon, 3-4 students spend the entire project class period working side by side with Andy on the Farm, learning hands-on building tools and skills, and making great progress on the building of our Farm. So far, students have been really enjoying the extra time to contribute to the construction of our Farm, and they are taking the additional responsibility of checking in with their project class guides to make sure they catch up on whatever they might have missed.

Cafe: Our 9th year cafe managers have begun opening the cafe on an almost daily basis. They sell snacks to students, and their goal is to raise money for the 9th grade trip. The cafe is an entirely student-run enterprise and, while it is still a small endeavor at the moment, will certainly continue to grow under the strong leadership of the student managers.

Hope you are all well and have the opportunity to enjoy some rest this holiday weekend. 


p.s. I mentioned last month the mindfulness exercises we have introduced every Wednesday in advisement. In case you are curious, here is a brief article about the success of adding mindfulness in inner city schools in San Francisco: