DMHS Updates August 20, 2017

Posted 08/21/2017

Dear DMHS Community,

We had a wonderful first week at DMHS. On Monday, the 11th graders and 9th graders spent a half day reinforcing what it means to be in a leadership class and designing ways to welcome the new students.
Early in the week, new and returning students at both levels revisited our norms, expectations and spent lots of time learning and practicing the organizational structures that will help them to be successful.
We also hosted a class on Digital Citizenship led by DPS Educational Tech Coordinator Brian Dino. All students attended Brian’s wonderful presentation regarding safe and respectful internet and social media usage. Please ask your student about this presentation and talk to them about what it means to be kind, safe and respectful when using social media or the internet.
Later in the week, high school went on their fall trip that included visiting the CU Boulder Campus, lots of team building activities and spending three days at the beautiful Balarat Outdoor Education Center.
Farm School students started their new schedules and then spent Friday afternoon trip planning in preparation for next week’s trip.
I am so impressed with the leadership demonstrated by our returning students, and the high level of respect and excitement of our new students. We are going to have a wonderful year!
Farm School Trip:
Farm School families, advisors have been sending out information regarding the upcoming trips. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your advisor or me. Also, if you could please have your student bring tomorrow, Monday, any gear that they plan to bring on the trip (tents, sleeping bag, sleeping pad) plus any equipment you would be willing to lend to the trip (tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, camping stove, cooler). Please label your equipment so that it doesn’t get lost! We will make sure your equipment goes on your student’s trip. Also, we have several tents, sleeping bags and sleeping pads, and we will rent anything necessary to make sure every student has the needed equipment.
You can find a suggested packing list here: Trip Packing List
We need all trip paperwork by tomorrow and would also love to get any student medication tomorrow as well. Also, if you have not paid for the trip as of yet, please create a payment plan with Carol tomorrow. The trip is $125. It is extremely important to us that all students attend this culture building trip. If the trip cost is beyond your budget, please contribute what your budget allows. We do ask that all families contribute so that we can continue providing this valuable experience to your students.
We have about 130 glasses so far. If your student has approved eclipse glasses, please have them bring them to school tomorrow. We are working hard to make sure all of our students have the opportunity to view at least part of this historic event. If your student is bringing a personal eclipse viewer, please double check that it meets safety standards. Also, please note that sun glasses do not provide the right filter and can not be used to watch the eclipse. Here is a link to more information:
Looking forward to another great week! As always, feel free to contact your student’s advisor, Carol or me if you have any questions.
Thank you for being a part of our community!