School Bus

 DMHS provides transportation to and from Denison Montessori, Lincoln Montessori, Gilpin Montessori and Academia Ana Marie Sandoval Montessori.  Your DMHS student is welcome to board the bus at any one of these locations.
Academia Ana Marie Sandoval
3655 Wyandot St.
Denver, CO 80211
Gilpin  Montessori
2949 California
Denver, CO 80205
Denison Montessori
1821 S. Yates St.
Denver, CO 80219
Lincoln Montessori 
710 S. Pennsylvania St.
Denver, CO 80209



Denison  Route 528

Pick up at Denison: 7:26 AM

Arrive at DMHS :  7:55 AM


Drop Off:

Sandoval / Denison Route 528

Leave DMHS at Smedley:  3:35  PM

Arrive at Sandoval: 3:38 PM

Arrive at Denison: 3:58 PM

Lincoln / Gilpin Route: 527

Pick up at Lincoln ES: 7:20 AMPick up at Gilpin:  7:43AM

Arrive at DMHS :  7:55AM

Gilpin / Lincoln Route 527

Leave DMHS at Smedley:  3:35 PM

Arrive at Gilpin: 3:48 PM

Arrive at Lincoln ES: 4:06 PM