Careers at DMHS

DMHS Farm School is comprised of 130 7th, 8th and 9th-grade students and the high school has 105 10th, 11th, and 12th-grade students of which approximately 75% are students of color and 50% qualify for Federal Free and Reduced Lunch. The Farm School is the designated secondary school for four DPS Montessori elementary schools that send us 95% of our incoming students. All full-time teachers are also advisors and usually teach at least one elective class in addition to their content area. Class size ranges from 16 to 22 students. All full-time teachers are required to have already attended or be willing to attend the AMI Adolescent Orientation the year before or after they are hired. DMHS offers tuition assistance to the Orientation.

We are looking for the following positions for the :

Please send your resume and cover letter to and apply to the DPS Job Board if interested:

Math Specialist

Provides additional math support to small groups of students determined by the guide and school curriculum program needs. This person will also assist will data collection and analysis for our math students and determine what interventions are necessary to bring our math students to grade level. This person will conduct such interventions with assistance from guides within the environment  as needed.  Work with students to assist in completion of math work assigned by the classroom teacher. Implement interventions with help as needed from teaching staff, clarify and model math concepts to students,  provide feedback on student progress to classroom teacher.

Please send your resume and cover letter to


Denver Montessori Junior/Senior High School (DMHS) is looking for a part time farmer to assist our teachers in preparing and maintaining the school’s urban farm. The farmer will work 12 hours per week in June and July and then 24 hours per week through the school year. Preferred candidates will have a deep understanding of permaculture principles, be flexible, enjoy working with adolescents and be a strong collaborator. DMHS is a Denver Public School serving a diverse population of students age 12-18. Please see our website at for a position description and email your resume and cover letter to




Knowledge, Experience, & Other Qualifications:


– 3 years experience as an educator

– Previous experience with behavioral management preferred

– Previous experience with Community Engagement preferred

– Demonstrated knowledge of DPS Human Resource and other departmental policies

– Excellent communication skills with diverse groups (teachers, parents, students, board members, etc.)

– Strong written skills

– Experience planning and facilitating professional development

– Demonstrated openness and responsiveness

– Strong problem solving skills and ability to anticipate challenges

– Demonstrated success with conflict resolution.


Education Requirements:
– Bachelor’s degree in Education or a related field required.

– Master’s degree preferred.


About Denver Public Schools:


Denver Public Schools is committed to meeting the educational needs of every student with great schools in every neighborhood. Our goal is to provide every child in Denver with rigorous, enriching educational opportunities from preschool through high school graduation.  DPS is comprised of nearly 200 schools including traditional, magnet, charter and alternative pathways schools, with an enrollment of more than 90,000 students.


DPS has become the fastest-growing school district in the country in terms of enrollment and the fastest-growing large school district in the state in terms of student academic growth.  Learn more at 


Denver Public Schools is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, or any other status protected by law or regulation. It is our intention that all qualified applicants be given equal opportunity and that selection decisions be based on job-related factors.

High School Director/STL

Position Objective: The Senior Team Lead (STL) is a teacher who, as a member of the Instructional Leadership Team, plays a critical role in helping a school reach their student achievement goals.  The Senior Team Lead spends part of the day providing high-quality instruction in their own classroom as a teacher, and part of the day developing a team of teachers’ ability to deliver joyful, rigorous and personalized instruction that leads to high academic achievement.  As an expert in their content area, Senior Team Leads facilitate collaborative team time, provide 1-on-1 observation and coaching to their peers, and facilitate the end-to-end LEAP growth and performance evaluation for each teacher on their team. 

In addition, the Senior Team Lead also:  

  • Contributes to year-long professional development plan and provides whole staff professional learning (when relevant) in their area(s) of expertise. 
  • Collaborates with School Leaders and Team Specialists to align teacher supports to advancement of school-wide instructional priorities.

Expected Outcomes: The goal of a Senior Team Lead is to build the instructional capacity of a team of teachers, developing a team culture of continuous learning that maximizes staff and student morale and performance.  By creating distributive leadership structures in schools, Senior Team Leads—in collaboration with School Leaders— increase opportunities for feedback and growth from content experts to drive increased student achievement, while building their own capacity as leaders. 

Required Responsibilities: 

  1. Responsible for effective instruction that leads to growth in student outcomes as evaluated by the LEAP growth and performance framework.
  2. Lead and develop a team of teachers through coaching, observation and feedback, professional learning, and facilitation of collaborative team time to build their capacity to:
    • Share ownership and belief in the academic success of every child and closing of achievement gaps
    • Provide effective instruction aligned to the Framework for Effective Teaching
    • Implement rigorous and relevant curriculum and daily and long-term planning in all classrooms
    • Improve assessment practices, data analysis, and action planning
  3. Observe and evaluate team members’ on the Framework for Effective Teaching and the Professionalism Rubric including hosting mid- and end-of-year evaluations.  This is typically a minimum of four short evaluations per year and one full evaluation, including approving, supporting, progress monitoring, and rating Student Learning Objectives throughout the year.
  4. Coordinate with complementary Team Specialist and School Leaders to ensure that expectations, processes, and objectives for collaborative time and coaching are aligned to the school-wide strategic plan. 
  5. Builds capacity of a team of teachers to create welcoming and inclusive classroom learning environments.
  6. Create a team culture that embraces continuous learning and feedback.
  7. Serve as a member of the school’s Instructional Leadership Team to support alignment and build instructional and leadership capacity and accountability among a team of teachers, including attending ILT meetings and performing other ILT duties. 
  8. Demonstrate values-driven, reflective and resilient leadership by leading a team of teachers to a collective commitment to demonstrating the school values.

Implementation Flexibilities: 

  1. In addition to implementing a consistent coaching cycle with observation and feedback, the Senior Team Lead will select which techniques are employed, based on the needs of their team of teachers, to achieve stated goals. These techniques may include: 
  • Hosting and/or facilitating learning labs
  • Co-planning
  • Co-teaching/modeling
  • Sharing resources
  • Facilitating small group or whole-staff professional learning
  • Providing input into school-wide decisions 
  1. The school has the flexibility to determine which teachers are on the team and the team size, however team size should be set based on the release time a Senior Team Lead has for their role. 

Required Qualifications:  

  • Must meet all licensure and certification requirements for teacher role in DPS.  
  • Must become a Certified LEAP Evaluator before the start of the new school year.
  • Must participate in required pre-service training over the summer and during the school year (see the TLC Training and Development page for specific expectations).
  • Must be a DPS Teacher in a designated teacher role that is responsible for student outcomes in Infinite Campus and receives an overall LEAP rating for instruction.  The Senior Team Lead will be selected into a hybrid Teacher / Senior Team Lead role that encompasses both the classroom or intervention teacher role and the Senior Team Lead role.   
  • At least two years of demonstrated teacher effectiveness through effective or equivalent end-of-year ratings through the LEAP growth and performance system, or a comparable, multiple measure, growth and performance system.

Additional Qualifications:  

  • Formal training or education in Adolescent Montessori Practices is preferred for this role.
  • Reach out to the Principal to understand the additional qualification for the specific role to which you are applying. 


Senior Team Leads receive a $5500 stipend, paid in 20 installments from September – July.  A Senior Team Lead must be in role and in a payable status for at least one day in a month in order to receive the stipend installment for that month.

Performance, Growth, and Evaluation: 

  • The instructional portion of this role will continue to be evaluated according to the LEAP growth and performance system.
  • The leadership portion of the Senior Team Lead role will be evaluated according to the LEAD School Leadership Framework for Senior Team Leads.

Required Professional Learning to Serve in Role: 

  • New-to-role Senior Team Lead onboarding.
  • LEAP observer training and certification.
  • Pre-service role-specific leadership training; sessions typically offered in the summer.
  • Ongoing professional learning as identified by the district, network, and school to support effective membership of the school’s Instructional Leadership Team (inclusive of instructional leadership team observation calibration session, trainings to host Mid and End-of-Year Conversations, and any other ongoing training related to supporting teachers using the LEAP growth and performance system.
  •  See the TLC Training and Development page for specific expectations.

DMHS has outlined the following responsibilities related this role:

The High School Director, in addition to the above outlined responsibilities will also act in the following capacity:

  • This role is .6 release and .4 instructional role with time allocated to serve in the capacity of High School Director
    • The caseload for LEAP observations will be a minimum of 4 teachers which may be shared with other STL and/or school leaders.This will include being fully responsible for the LEAP observation and evaluation of the other STL at the program level, contributing to Professionalism and possibly co-observing with the STL for other teachers.
    • LEAP aligned coaching, observation and evaluation will be a component of this position.
    • The HS Director will coach for the Mission and Vision of the school (using and implementing the Montessori instructional rubric)
    • The HS Director will be expected to teach an Advisement course and collaborate and support Senior Seminar in preparation for graduation and additional sections as required to meet the .4 allocation.
  • The High School Director is responsible for the supporting and implementing the following DMHS systems and programs:
    • Communication to HS staff and as a liaison for decision making and collaborative processes for the HS staff (team meetings, email and all other forms of communication)
    • Communication to HS families and students via School Messenger, email and other various analog and digital formats
    • Event Management and/or delegation and/or oversight of the H\S calendar and events to include:
      • Showcase, Presentations of Learning, Graduation, Assessment, Parent and Community activities and events (1-2 events per month, 4-6 evening events)
      • Enrollment events
      • Residential Life Experiences (include trips and excursions, micro-economy, internships and experiential learning opportunities)
  • The High School Director will be responsible for the following assessment duties
    • To act as the primary or secondary Site Assessment Leader as designated by the Principal (MAPs, CMAS)
    • Ensure that the HS team(s) analyze data on a regular cycle
    • In collaboration with the Principal and FS Director identifies and manages the instructional priorities of the High School, including curriculum oversight and collaborating in the support of teachers with Montessori curriculum development
  • In collaboration with the principal, ILT and other school leadership identifies and manages the mission and vision of the High School to include:
    • Scheduling of the 3 Year Cycle of instruction
    • Determining course assignments
    • Review and strategic planning for the Mission and Vision of the school
    • Leading culture building efforts that include all stakeholder involvement
  • The High School Director will be responsible for collaborating with the principal, counselor, and all other school leadership as needed to ensure:
    • Course assignments are appropriate to maintain students as On Track to Graduate, ensure Capstone completion and follow the 3 year cycle
    • In collaboration with the School Guidance Counselor students are scheduled properly for their core and elective courses, Concurrent Enrollment and Credit Recovery when required
    • The annual and daily bell schedules in order to meet all legal requirements for instructional minutes and any required state or federal programming as well as Montessori pedagogical principles
  • The High School Director will work closely with the Principal and school leadership team to ensure:
    • Behavior systems are implemented and maintained by the HS Staff
    • Student Safety and Discipline procedures are aligned with the school’s mission and vision and carried out in accordance with DPS and DMHS Policy
      • The HS Director will support with Tier Two discipline incidents
    • That a calendar of professional development is offered (and aligned with the needs of the school and staff)
  • The HighSchool Director will work closely with the Principal and school leadership team to develop and manage/sustain:
    • Annual Budget
    • High quality hiring practices that focus on equity
    • Strategic planning that is aligned to the mission and vision of the school

This role is eligible for additional extra-duty pay related to the extended number of responsibility days and/or hours worked. Days and hours will be determined in collaboration with the principal and school leadership team. It is expected that this role could be up to a 215 day calendar year position.